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Proven, reliable technology, Airmar’s ultrasonic transducers are used in a wide variety of level sensing applications including: water & wastewater, food & beverage and oil & gas. Unlike mechanical level indicators, ultrasonic sensors are non-contact, so the risk of sensor fouling or mechanical breakdown over time is eliminated. Our Kynar® 720 models are unmatched in chemically aggressive environments.

Not sure which transducer is suitable for your application? Here are a few common questions:

  • What is the sensing range of a transducer?
    • From 5cm to 40m, we have a solution.
  • What materials can be measured?
    • Most liquids are easy to measure but some materials, like foam can absorb sound waves, reducing the sensing range.
  • What are the environmental conditions the sensor will operate in?
    • Our sensors are designed for environmentally challenging work areas however, areas with radical convection or extreme temperature changes, (i.e. near a furnace or air nozzles) are not recommended.

Product Lines

Air Ranging Transducers

Our air-ranging transducers provide non-contact solutions for customers' toughest sensing problems. Unlike other sensing techniques, ultrasonic sensors can detect clear, transparent or shiny objects and are not affected by color.

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Airducer Group

EchoRange+ 30/200 kHz Smart Sensor

Flow Measurement

Ultrasonic flow meters use sound waves to determine the velocity of a fluid flowing in a pipe, river or open channel.

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