The AIRMAR Cross Reference

Using the AIRMAR cross reference, you can find many kinds of product information.

  • AIRMAR Part Numbers.
  • OEM Part Numbers.
  • Wiring Diagrams.
  • Dimensional Drawings.
  • Ceramic Specifications.
  • Links to current catalog pages.

You will find many links from items in the cross reference database. Many of these links are still under construction and may lead to a page which cannot be found.

Using the Cross Reference:

You may enter any of the following:

  • AIRMAR Model [Example: B122]
  • AIRMAR Part Number [Example: 41-114-1-01]
  • OEM Sounder/Instrument [Example: Furuno 582L]
  • OEM Part Number [Example: E66056]
  • OEM Name [Example: Raymarine]
  • Wiring Diagram ID [Example: 91-030]

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