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Building on the company's core business and strength in underwater applications for the marine industry, AIRMAR has successfully expanded its product line to include standard and custom ultrasonic transducers for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Our air-ranging transducers provide non-contact solutions for customers' toughest sensing problems. Unlike other sensing techniques, ultrasonic sensors can detect clear, transparent or shiny objects and are not affected by color.

Engineered to meet the most demanding applications, Airmar's air transducers are rated IP68 and have no movable parts which translates into low maintenance and long-term reliability. The AR series meets Factory Mutual (FM) approval, suitable for Class 1, Division 1, hazardous locations.

Our broadband transducers for flow measurement (such as doppler speed logs, time of flight, correlation and flow meters) are also available in standard and custom housings. By operating over a wide frequency range (15 kHz-1 MHz) these transducers achieve superior results.

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